3 Ways To Surprise Your New Spouse On The Wedding Dance Floor


After the wedding ceremony is over, the dance floor presents a number of special moments for newlywed couples. If you're looking to make that moment extra special for your future spouse, then you can plan out a number of surprises to incorporate after the first dance is completed. By planning out these surprises, you can showcase your love, dedication, and romantic side for all of your friends and family. Not only will it make a great surprise, but it can create a number of memories that will last for years to come.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

The formal wedding dance is great and romantic, but you can kick things up a notch by surprising your new spouse with a hip hop dance. You can go alone or sign up for some hip hop classes with friends. Through these classes you will learn specific dance moves and routines that can be replicated on the dance floor. When attending a hip hop dance class for the first time, you will learn the basic moves and rhythm and then expand to a full routine. You should prepare to take these dance classes (like Dance Lessons at The Studio School of Dance) for at least two months before mastering a routine.

Once you have learned from the hip hop dance classes, you can prepare the routine for your wedding day. By talking with the wedding DJ, you can set up a cue for when you want the song to come in. For example, during a toast, you can randomly shout out it "Hit it!" to the DJ and then take the dance floor. You can also have the hip hop dance song cut into the end of a slow dance for a jarring surprise. As you are learning the routine, you want to ensure that your wedding venue has enough space to perform the moves and complete the dance successfully.

Undercover Outfits

Enhance any performance on the dance floor by having a dance outfit prepared. For example, a hip hop dance will look great in formal wear, but it can also look even better in a dance outfit that fits the mood and theme of the song. Shortly before the dance, you can go to the bathroom and then sneak into your new outfit. You can even take things a step further by creating tear-away dance costumes. Using Velcro materials, you can create custom pants or shirts that rip off to reveal the dance outfit underneath. This is a great way to add an extra surprise and fun moment to your dance routine.

The costume you choose to have underneath can feature a variety of styles and designs. You can even have custom shirts designed exclusively for the wedding. For example, if you're the groom, you can have a shirt designed that reads "Groom" or "Mr. Johnson." Once you're down to the t-shirt, it will be easier to move around and dance at the venue.


Along with the dancing, you can mix a little singing into your performance. By requesting a microphone, you can personally sing a love song to your loved one and make the performance that much more special. If you practice enough, you can mix the singing and dancing together for an all-in-one dynamic performance. If you're concerned about your singing voice, then consider purchasing or renting an auto-tune microphone. This will enhance your voice, improve the pitch, and allow you to sing your heart out without embarrassment. When choosing a song, you can select something that has special meaning between you and your spouse or a new song that will create lasting memories and special moments. You also have the option of starting off with a slow serenade and then breaking off into a fast song to showcase the hip hop dance moves you have learned.

By carefully planning out your ideas, you can come with a lot of dance floor surprises that will impress your spouse and create a memorable wedding day.


1 April 2016

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